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Case Study – Encase

About Encase

Encase Ltd is a family-owned business and has been established in the UK for over 40 years. We manufacture a wide range of corrugated paper products at our sites in Banbury, East Kilbride and Leeds. Encase Ltd is the UK part of an international packaging group. With its roots in corrugated packaging from the 1950’s, our parent company Canadian Overseas Packaging Ltd (COPI) operates corrugated sites around the globe.

“I would be more than happy to act as a reference or field a call from a business considering the AFP Digital Print Plan, it has worked in very way shape and form for our company”.
David Moon, Group Systems Manager, Encase

The Problem

Encase is the UK’s premier independent manufacturer of corrugated board and packaging. With sites in Banbury (Oxfordshire), Leeds (West Yorkshire) and East Kilbride (Scotland) Encase manufactures a seemingly endless lines of packaging products for its clients. And it won’t surprise you to learn that they do a lot of printing.

Alongside the “everyday” suite of back office printers that are a part of every modern office, each of Encase’s production machines also has a printer connected to it producing an A4 label.

Support and maintenance of the printer fleet was left to the IT team and with such a high volume of prints every day, the cost of the fleet was also a major concern. Encase had tried to manage the cost of their printing by using compatible and refilled cartridges, however this had a significant impact on the quality of the final prints.

The Solution

Working closely with the senior IT management at Encase AFP Digital conducted a detailed print audit and recommended a managed print plan specifically tailored to each of the three sites.

The solution provided Encase with new printers, all toner & parts but more importantly significant cost savings. A before and after view of Encase’s print solution and costs shows how AFP Digital’s Managed Print Plan delivered a benefit.

The Result

The savings that the AFTP Digital Managed Print Plan has delivered would be reason enough for any business to be pleased with the results, however when discussing the success of the plan with management the fact AFP Digital now deal with any printer related issues direct from the production floor has been the icing on the cake.

“A year into our print plan I can only say the project has been a total success, the projected savings have been delivered. The whole set up from the accountmmanagement, the quarterly machine servicing down to the fact that the spare toners arrive immediately and without issue, it really has been first class”.
David Moon, Group Systems Manager, Encase


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  • Managed Print Plan

The Document Lifecycle

From the moment a document is created through to its archiving or even destruction, each stage of its life places different demands on your business. The average person sends and receives 121 emails per day, many of which need to be stored, archived and retrieved – and that is just email. AFP Digital offer a range of solutions that manage the entire document lifecycle.

From Productivity and Workflow management to Secure Archiving and Destruction, we have a product that will improve your document management.

Every document goes through the same, simple steps from its creation to its eventual archiving and destruction. Whether it’s storage on your office network, printing and filing or archiving for long term storage, an effective plan for your documents can help to make your business more efficient and effective.

Having the right tools in place for each stage of document’s lifecycle can allow your business to run more smoothly, put important information in the hands of the people who need it, when they need it, or just save money by making your office more ‘user-friendly’. Knowing where your documents are in their lifecycle and having a process and tool ready to use can revolutionise your business.

The document lifecycle is broken in to three simple steps:


The creation of documents and files, from emails through to reports, invoices to everyday correspondence.

Everything that your business produces, prints and creates begins at the ‘Produce’ stage.


Effective storage for all types of files, both electronic and physical is essential for the running of a successful business.

As soon as the day’s post is opened and new information lands on your team’s desks your documents are moving through their ‘Retrieve’ stage.


A document without a purpose is nothing at all. Everything your business produces is created with a purpose and with the intention that it will be needed again.

Knowing where things are and being able to retrieve them quickly, the moment that they are needed is essential. Here your documents sit in the ‘Archive’ stage.

"I would be more than happy to act as a reference or field a call from a business considering the AFP Digital Print Plan, it has worked in every way, shape and form for our company"

David Moon, Group Systems Manager, Encase

  • Managed Print Plan

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