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Case Study – Jones Myers LLP

About Jones Myers

Founded in 1992, Jones Myers was the first firm in West Yorkshire to dedicate itself exclusively to family law. There are fourteen solicitors, legal executives and trainees, and a total dedicated staff of over twenty – all committed to helping families find stress-free solutions to their relationship difficulties and assisting families involved in will, estate and trust disputes. The reputation of the firm has grown substantially during the past 20 years and praise from clients and the profession alike has helped to elevate its profile to be one of the top ranking firms in Yorkshire.

“This is such a good thing for us. We are now saving a staggering £220 a month – and that’s wonderful for us and for our clients.”
Wendy Outhwaite, Jones Myers LLP

The Problem

Founded in 1992, Jones Myers LLP was the first firm in West Yorkshire to dedicate itself exclusively to family law. Described by Chambers and Legal 500, the profession’s leading directories, as “leaders in the field”, Jones Myers employs eleven solicitors, legal executives and trainees, and a total dedicated staff of over twenty, the firm commands considerable respect among its peers for its creative approach to problem-solving, often using mediation, collaborative law and negotiation, rather than litigation to address family issues.

Jones Myers are a very customer service focused business and making sure that all of the relevant information about a case gets to the right people at the right time is essential if they are to maintain their reputation and standing. A typical “Form E” – a financial statement used in matrimonial cases – will stretch to twenty-seven pages at its shortest before attachments and supporting information is added and all of this information needs to be printed and submitted to the courts.

Relying on a number of slow, ink-heavy, standalone desktop inkjet printers, Jones Myers were finding that their printing was very expensive and taking up the valuable time of their IT Manager, staff and clients, as well as wasting valuable office storage space housing all of that ink.

The Solution

The AFP Digital team carried out an intensive audit of Jones Myers printing to see how much it was truly costing and to recommend a solution to help bring the costs down and streamline the entire operation. The objective, as with all of our clients was to provide the most efficient and effective print solution possible, while at the same time minimising disruption to staff and clients.

We installed the printers on a rolling basis, replacing one machine at a time, so that the day-to-day running of the business was not disrupted. We took away all of the old inkjet machines for either recycling or re-housing which helped to reduce the environmental impact of the new solution.

The new fixed monthly cost solution includes all the installation, toner, leasing and parts and all the printers are now fully networked, so everyone can print to other machines, at the touch of a button. With the reassurance that AFP Digital are able to attend a service call within 3 hours and can either fix the machine or swap it with another, Jones Myers have a print solution that saves them time, energy and money.

The Result

Jones Myers now has a suite of nineteen Olivetti PGL 2040 black and white desktop laser printers, and two Olivetti d-Color P2026 models. One black and white printer is shared between two members of the team, with a drawer set up for plain paper and one for headed paper, and there is also one based on the working reception desk. A colour printer for printing out the property images, which are now downloaded from estate agents’ websites, is based in the office and Wendy has a colour printer, for her role as overall supervisor.

“This is such a good thing for us” said Wendy Outhwaite, Jones Myers’ IT Supervisor “I’ve been telling anyone, that will listen, how much this has improved our systems and our business. I’ve been able to standardise everything, the print quality is excellent and there was no training required, as the machines are so intuitive. What is more we are now saving a staggering £220 a month – and that’s wonderful for us and for our clients”.

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The Document Lifecycle

From the moment a document is created through to its archiving or even destruction, each stage of its life places different demands on your business. The average person sends and receives 121 emails per day, many of which need to be stored, archived and retrieved – and that is just email. AFP Digital offer a range of solutions that manage the entire document lifecycle.

From Productivity and Workflow management to Secure Archiving and Destruction, we have a product that will improve your document management.

Every document goes through the same, simple steps from its creation to its eventual archiving and destruction. Whether it’s storage on your office network, printing and filing or archiving for long term storage, an effective plan for your documents can help to make your business more efficient and effective.

Having the right tools in place for each stage of document’s lifecycle can allow your business to run more smoothly, put important information in the hands of the people who need it, when they need it, or just save money by making your office more ‘user-friendly’. Knowing where your documents are in their lifecycle and having a process and tool ready to use can revolutionise your business.

The document lifecycle is broken in to three simple steps:


The creation of documents and files, from emails through to reports, invoices to everyday correspondence.

Everything that your business produces, prints and creates begins at the ‘Produce’ stage.


Effective storage for all types of files, both electronic and physical is essential for the running of a successful business.

As soon as the day’s post is opened and new information lands on your team’s desks your documents are moving through their ‘Retrieve’ stage.


A document without a purpose is nothing at all. Everything your business produces is created with a purpose and with the intention that it will be needed again.

Knowing where things are and being able to retrieve them quickly, the moment that they are needed is essential. Here your documents sit in the ‘Archive’ stage.

"This is such a good thing for us. We are now saving a staggering £220 a month – and that’s wonderful for us and for our clients."

Wendy Outhwaite, Jones Myers LLP

  • Managed Print Plan, Document Management

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